I have enjoyed Don Cheadle’s selection of films such as Out of Sight, Traffic, and the Ocean’s Eleven series of films. But more especially for his portrayal of Rwandan hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina in the film Hotel Rwanda which gained him a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a leading role. Even more than that, however, is his real life role as a dedicated campaigner calling for the end of genocide in Darfur, Sudan. He has evened co-authored a book concerning the issue titled Not On Our Watch: The Mission To End Genocide In Darfur And Beyond. I really respect the man, his roles and his life.

The Traitor film project has been in development since 2002, and was originally set to be produced by Walt Disney Pictures, but was dropped due to management change (I wonder what really happened here). Interestingly, the script is based on an idea by Steve Martin (who is the executive producer) –he always surprises me. I will view the film with keen interest.

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