Nobody seems to be going crazy over this Star Wars installment. Such releases were epic events, but no longer. Actually this big screen episode was an afterthought while developing a weekly TV animated series.

Josh Tyler of Cinema Blend correctly notes, “Star Wars as a cartoon? Why not. The past two movies were almost entirely animated anyway. The only thing real in Revenge of the Sith were its handful of human actors, and even then they were mostly done with computer animation, except in close up shots.”

But that’s the problem says Michael Rechtshaffen of the famed Hollywood Reporter. “The transition from live action to animation isn’t really all that dramatic — and that’s part of the problem with the latest adventure.” Critics largely concur, it’s not all that dramatic.

Even George Lukas is diminishing expectations that fans might have. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that “George Lucas said fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about any future films that take the epic beyond the point of Darth Vader’s death at the end of ‘Return of the Jedi.’ In other words, it ends with the Ewoks.”

Perhaps that is true in more ways than one. Star Wars ended with the Ewoks.

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