I like what Dwayne Johnson said about his taxi cab driver character, “Jack Bruno is a guy who has struggled to stay on the right path in life for some time. The only personal relationships he has are taking fares from point A to point B in Vegas. But once these extraordinarily gifted kids step into his cab, he gets an opportunity to do something that is really, really special. And that is the opportunity to save the world!”

A cab driver, who isn’t where he thought he’d be in life by this time in his life, finally allows himself the opportunity of take a new direction in life. An incredible journey begins! The catalyst for him were two strange teenagers with a fantastic tale. This film is like a roller coaster Disneyland ride. Although your life’s journey need not be so topsy turvy, it is important to allow yourself to enter into that incredible journey for your life. The apostle Paul said to entertain strangers, because they just might be angels unaware. Good advice. Entertain strangers and entertain new directions, as you are entertained by this film!

Jack had a shot at redemption. He took it. And so can you!

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