Review by David Bruce

Director Marc Forster: “The central theme is trust… Trust itself comes in many different shades. Who do we really trust? Do you trust yourself? Do we trust others? All human beings have trust issues because, at some point in our lives, we have all been betrayed.”

Quantum of Solace asks an important question:
How can you regain trust after betrayal?
Regaining trust is what this Bond movie is about. It has been said that if you cannot trust yourSELF, you can never truly trust anyone else. This is the problem Bond has. He cannot entirely trust himself let alone others. The screenwriters have it right, Bond has to begin with himSELF and then work out to others. Not only is this film is a good reminder of this, it is also a terrific action film. However, critics wanted more of a coherent story with the action.

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