No More Mental Health Days! Go! Live!
It’s like a fairy tale with a great truth:
Yellow Yugo = Cinderella’s orange pumpkin.
The club = The Prince’s Ball
Late night = Cinderella’s stroke of midnight.
Their search = The Prince’s search
Bottom line: The need for true relationship!

It is a road trip film in a Yugo through the streets of NYC. It’s about life, love and relationships as they are played out to a music playlist. Road trip films are a way of exploring the meaning of life’s journey. In this excellent film, Life is presented as having surprising unanticipated events that come together in unexpected ways taking us to unexpected places. This film encourages us take that road trip even if all we have is a Yugo. Great thing await us. Problem: Too many give up. Well, don’t. Think of the infinite playlist that life has for you. Allow Nick and Norah inspire you. Life, God’s gift to you. Live it fully!

Caroline: “I found Jesus.”
Norah: “What??”
Caroline: “Jesus! He’s much taller in person.”

And so it is –Life! Taller and bigger in person!
Explore this great God given gift of life!

Thanks for staying current with!


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