Kate Hudson sums up the point of the story, “Relationships are far from picture perfect in this movie. It’s never picture perfect. Everybody’s human. Everybody makes mistakes. This movie is willing to look at those messy things and allows you to laugh at them along the way.”

Neither of the lead characters want to fall in love, but they do –and with each other. Ah, such is life. The thing you least want to do -you suddenly do. And the thing you crave – you grow distasteful of. And, as in this film, these flips usually happen within relationships. There is a Greek word for this: METANOIA! It means mind change or repentance. For Carl Jung it was “a process of reforming the psyche as a form of self healing.” I like that. I look forward to METANOIA (mind change) moments. As Norman Vincent Peale said, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

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