Screenwriter Peter Barsocchini said , “They’re high school seniors, so let’s give them the pressures that high school seniors have about prom, finals, graduation and going away. There’s a balance—we’re making musical comedy but we want to try and base it in some emotional reality.”

This latest sequel follows high school seniors Troy and Gabriella, who are faced with the ultimate prospect of being separated from one another as they go off in different directions after graduating from East High. Joined by the rest of their Wildcat friends, they stage an elaborate spring musical reflecting their experiences, hopes and fears about the future.

Wow! Separation, mixed with hopes and fears about the future. Critics may dismiss the HSM 1-2-3, but they cannot dismiss the very real concerns that this series addresses! And because it connects so well with these HS realities, it has become the phenomena it is. HSM3 is truth within a musical fantasy.

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