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Critics agree that this may be the best of the series! Intense and funny are the two words that seem to describe this movie.

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  1. Variety reports:
    'Harry Potter' nabs $58.4 million
    Warner Bros (7/16/2009).’ “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” grossed a magical $58.4 million from 4,275 theaters as it opened Wednesday at the domestic B.O., including a potent $22.2 million in midnight shows.

  2. THIS IS AMAZING: Harry Potter 6 did $160 million in its opening week (July 15-19). So incredible is this kind of boxoffice business that one can’t help but wonder why?

    IS IT POPULAR FOR SATANIC REASONS? I remember a few years back when HP first arrived on theater screens, some religious fundamentalist thought this was a recruitment tool for witch and wizard based religions. Additionally, some claimed the magical spells in HP were the real deal, designed by satanic forces to drive young people straight to hell, literally. Time has tempered such foolish thinking and that rhetoric has all but disappeared.

    SO WHY IS IT POPULAR? It is popular for some of the same reasons that Twilight is popular. Both are about the rite of passage, coming of age, and the loss of innocence. The inner human emotions and drama that accompany such life journeys are played out in the fantasy elements of these well written stories. In short, the stories connect in a powerful way with those who buy movie tickets! They are relevant!

    OPPORTUNITY FOR GREAT DISCUSSIONS. HP6 opens up incredible insights into the human experience that all of us share. I have been criticized in the past for suggesting that such films as Harry Potter and Twilight are essentially spiritual films. But, critic aside, they are. The box office numbers prove their relevance in terms of all the doors that are opened to great, meaningful and, yes, spiritual discussions. Throw stones if you wish, but smart people will seek to understand the reasons why such films connect so powerfully with the culture.


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