A rough edit of Hamlet 2 was screened at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. After the screening, an all-night bidding war took place for rights to distribution, which Focus Features won for $10 million, nearly breaking the $10.5 million record set by Little Miss Sunshine. All this to say, the initial audience really like it.

It is an irreverent comedy with the New York Times noting, “It made sure to take shots at Christians, gays, Latinos, Jews, the American Civil Liberties Union and Elisabeth Shue, one of its lead actresses.” Nothing sacred here!

This may have been a hit at Sundance, but will it be a hit in the local cinema? If the reaction to the trailer is any indication, I would say yes! Especially in light of the most recent public response to Pineapple Express! People want to laugh, somehow that is important right now.

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