Director Koepp says, “We hit on the idea that traditional ghost stories actually have it all backwards. Ghosts don’t stick around because they have unfinished business. They stick around because the living are not done with them yet, because they aren’t ready to let go. Perhaps they died and left someone mystified or confused, and until the living come to terms with whatever that thing is, they are stuck here.”

A terrific film with a great truth. Pincus’ sole motivation in helping the ghost of Frank Herlihy break up the marriage of his widow is simply the promise that if he does so, Frank will make all the ghosts go away. Since Pincus is a curmudgeon, a cynical snob and a self-consumed loner, he agrees. But in taking on the task of helping Frank, he is transformed. He becomes relational. Life is like that. Life is transforming –especially if you take certain leaps of faith, even if, as in the film, your motivation is bit askew. Choose life –in all its fullness.

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