Shia LaBeouf is on the fast track to super stardom. It seemed like yesterday this guy was the kid in the 2003 movie Holes. Wait a second, it wasn’t yesterday, it was the day that director Steven Spielberg cast him in starring roles for the 2007 films Disturbia and Transformers due to LaBeouf’s success in The Greatest Game Ever Played. Raised Jewish, the name Shia is Hebrew for “gift from God” and he certainly has been a gift in Hollywood.

Michelle Monaghan was former study journalism student at Columbia College Chicago where she he did modeling and acting between studies and suddenly got an opportunity in 2002 to co-star –no less– in the television series Boston Public. She advanced quickly to Mission Impossible III in 2006 where she had the role of Julia, with Tom Cruise. Amazingly fast climb.

Both LaBeouf and Monaghan have experienced quick career climbs, and seem just right for a film about being quickly forced into the roles of assassins. Incidentally, Monaghan plays a single mom in the film and in real life is expecting her first child in late fall of 2008 with her husband.

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