“The mystery that unites all of our characters, is the secret of the City itself, and how it can be saved.” — Director Gil Kenan

Tag line: “Welcome to the City of Ember. As a valued member of society, you have been chosen to keep the flame of humanity alive and burning brightly. Because of you, the human race can hope for a long and prosperous future.”

Now that is a powerful life mission. I like it. It is a great motto for life. This noble mission may seem overwhelming, but can be reduced to simply: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If you do, it will be said that you kept the “flame of humanity alive and burning brightly.” May this film so encourage you to do just that.

When the story starts, the City has passed its “expiration date” and all the provisions laid down by The Builders have begun to run out.

Who would you respond in such a crisis?

Has our culture passed its expiration date? Are there parallels here?

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