The Coen Brothers do it again! And the public is loving it!

At the time of its release the USA was in the midst of the historic bailout of Wall Street! Serious business, indeed. So what people respond to is comedy. We need it in such depressing times!

These are days when you pick up the newspaper filled with stories of economic bad news and you feel like you want to burn after reading. Here is a way to do just that, watch a comedy called Burn After Reading.

For the astute, this film is about corruption in a physical place named Washington, involving the CIA (the feds). But it comes across in a non partisan, non accusatory fashion. We get to laugh at the greed and corruption that got us into the mess we are in, without feeling like we are having some political agenda cramped down our throats! It works, and gets its point across with a smile and a wink.

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