Dan Brown is often attacked by the devoutly religious critics because he questions certain religious dogmas. But don’t we all? Isn’t this an important thing to do? Questioning your religious views is healthy! As the Bible says “Come let us reason together…”

Tom Hanks said this of his interest in the story, “If you’re smart enough to see the trail, smart enough to follow it, and wise enough to put together all the hidden clues… And you only have so much time. Who doesn’t love that?”

To take this to a higher personal level, have you ever sought the trail of your own life? Of course, we all do. Haven’t you wondered about certain clues and life questions? Questions like: “Why am I here? Where is my life going? What is the purpose of my life?” If this film inspires you to seek to solve such personal mysteries, bravo! Movies such as this one are often invitations to explore the deeper meaning of life.

It was Albert Einstein who reminds us, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” May God help you in your personal quest!

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